What’s worse than a male’s chauvinistic attitude toward women?

It is when another woman displays her chauvinistic attitude toward women.

Samantha Brett, of the Sydney Morning Herald doesn’t have any issue in using her blogging platform for the paper to share her far-reaching opinions and thoughts that teeters on the edge of encouraging women to put on a breast show in order to get further, professionally.

Brett shares with us, almost as an absolute truth, that it is far better and more effective to put your breasts on display in the workplace than it is to hold a phD.

“And when it comes to the workplace, despite the fight for equal pay and equal rights, some women (many women) know that a good push-up bra is a better investment than any PhD. Besides, it sure as hell is something no man can ever attempt to compete with, no matter how many golf games or strip-club outings they organise for prospective clients. Women simply whip on a low-cut dress, some spindly stilettos and, voila! They’re ahead of the game by a long shot.”

Seriously? I sincerely hope that this entire paragraph is a joke, for oh, so, many reasons.

Moreover, I would feel concern over such a workplace of which a man would treat prospective clients to a strip club outing in order to win their business.

Further on, Samantha Brett perpetuates a stereotypical (and fictional) attitude that smaller breasts are seen as less desirable. She informs us that she has polled a trove of women who have led her to the resolve that, in more articulate (barely) terms, going to the beach and having small boobs, like, totally sucks, ‘cos all the hot guys look at the chicks with the big boobs!!!

I don’t know about others, but when I go to the beach, usually it is to swim, to have a picnic with my girlfriends or to just enjoy the atmosphere – regardless of my bra-size, I keep myself covered up, because as Ms. Brett accurately pointed out, we are the “sun-drenched” country.

The blogger then cites a self-conscious friend as a source for evidence to confirm her silly stereotype and incredibly accurate poll (yeah, right). You need big breasts to be sexy, you need men to compliment you on them in order to feel self-confident. Okay. Right.

 Perhaps, better spent would have been some time helping this friend build some esteem before letting her go for a boob job in order to please other people.

“It’s the absolute worst being flat,” a friend said to me before she decided to opt for breast augmentation surgery. “You feel as though everyone is staring at your chest for all the wrong reasons. No men call you sexy, and you definitely don’t get any wolf whistles. It brings down your entire self-esteem.”

Among ridiculous chauvinistic comments (from her previous blogs, I assume) that she has cited in order to get her point across, I came across a gem of a man that likened breasts to jewelery.

Honestly, I was under the impression breasts had something to do with nursing…

I think, given that Samantha Brett has a public following, it would serve her interests to write more responsible articles that don’t perpetuate body image issues or encourage women to subscribe to opinions or sentiments that make them second-guess intelligence in place of looks and image.

Not only that, but raising these non-issues (or conundrums, as she likes to call them) and paying attention to the chauvinists (both men and women) who like to believe that it is their right to stare unwittingly at a woman’s chest irrespective of her size, is just encouraging and giving a voice to misogyny at its best.

But then again, what do I know? Maybe I should just get my sweater puppies out and be done with it!

You can read the entire article here – The Great Cleavage Conundrum: should men look if it’s on display?