Its summer time at the moment and this has not gone unnoticed by The Body Shop!

In December, The Body Shop launched a stunning new range of juicy and fruity lip glosses that will guarantee to keep your lips hydrated in the dry and humid weather.

The lip glosses come in a wonderfully broad range of delicious fruity flavours from the general flavours; strawberry, peach, plum and raspberry to flavours that can only be described as a little more unique; mint, lychee, cocoa watermelon and coconut.

The glosses carry with them a beautiful and natural scent that deviates from other Lip Gloss which can sometimes be overpowering and artificial in aroma. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that The Body Shop prides themselves on a natural beauty brand.

To wear, the Lip Glosses slides right on to your lips with ease straight from a cleanly-designed, transparent 12ml tube. The Body Shop’s Lip Gloss range, no matter the flavour, does not dry out and much to our relief, does not dry with a feeling of sticky-ness that can cause hair or other matter to constantly stick to the lips.

And as if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, the Lip Gloss leaves a beautiful and shiny glaze upon the lips along with a slight tint of colour depending on the flavour you choose!

Packaging-wise, The Body Shop seem to have chosen another ‘less is more’ approach to the new range as is the case with a lot of their products. As described, the lip glosses come in with a minimalistic design, a simple transparent tube with the fruit as the central image (as pictured).


The formula, is indeed, made up of the many things that The Body Shop is known and applauded for – a wonderful mix of natural and ethical ingredients. The Lip Gloss range has a rich blend of vitamin E and B5 as well as Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil.

As well as keeping your lips moist, scented and looking great, The Body Shop ensures that you can also have a clear conscience while doing it!

This beautiful new Lip Gloss range can be found in any The Body Shop store as well as online at

Each gloss retails for $21.95.

Written by Jessica Teni