Garfield Pinto decided to set the ball rolling for his music again last month by showcasing yet another soulful tune on the Triple J Unearthed website.

Garfield Pinto, or Gary Pinto, as he is better known as, has spent the past few months overseas writing and working on new music with his equally musically-gifted wife, Natasha Pinto.

Set Me Free’ has a fresh, bold, beat, an urban sound and lyrics that could be described as rich with soul, something that is arguably missing from a lot of hip-hop music in the current industry.

This is also surprisingly Pinto’s first attempt at rapping.

“My producer, Premo D’Anger, heard me singing the track and said bluntly, ‘rap it’,” Pinto explains.

Not usually a rapper, his immediate reaction was to try to explain that rapping wasn’t something he usually did, but decided to just proceed with the new approach to the song, producing a powerfully conveyed message through his lyrics about love and freedom.

However, the skill of reaching others through his music is something that is not unfamiliar territory for Pinto, having penned powerful songs alongside the likes of Guy Sebastian, Jimmy Barnes and other Australian musical greats.

With a new-found talent under his belt, Pinto considers to whom he owes credit for influence.

“Listening to Nas and Redman all my life helped,” he states.

Set Me Free’ is a collaborative piece with wife, Natasha, whose soulful pipes can be heard loaning extra credit to the chorus, taking this track to an hypnotic level.

Natasha is also no stranger to success and has been more recently recording new material with Mark Fusari (Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston) in New York City and has toured with the likes of Kci & Jojo and has received praise from R&B legends, Boyz II Men.

Set Me Free’ can be heard on the Triple J Unearthed website and keep your eyes and ears open for new music coming from Natasha later this year.

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Listen to Set Me Free: Garfield Pinto – Triple J Unearthed
Website For Natasha Pinto:

Written by Jessica Teni