With a unique and diverse sound, Little May have certainly hit the ground running.

Boasting more than 250,000 Sound Cloud plays, their second single, ‘Hide’ seems to be hitting the mark with music fans of from near and far.

“Personally, I feel like we’ve been received amazingly,” says band member, Liz, “I mean, to have this much attention from the songs that we have released…”

Little May hasn’t been around all that long, having only just celebrated a year anniversary of the band’s forming. Perhaps their humble attitude, honest lyrics and cleverly layered music has something to do with such immediate recognition.

“I just don’t think we realized that our songs were good? I think we just listened to them so many times that we just kinda thought, ‘yeah okay’, but everyone seems to be really liking us which is a good thing,” she says.

The girls of Little May came to know each other from High School.

“I actually went to school with Annie and then I left for another school where I met Hannah and we became really close. We started writing together and then I called up Annie one day and was like, ‘Hey! I heard you play guitar, we should jam!’ and it all happened from there,” she says.

For the girls, being in a band doesn’t always mean its roses and rainbows.

“We’ve never been in a band before, I don’t think we can really compare it to anything else. We had to learn to get used to each other and how we all work. I think that’s the main thing for us; its getting to know each other as people, as friends and finding out what each other’s strengths are and how to use them,” she says, “and the more we work together, the more time we spend, the more we get to know each other.”

In contrast to their debut single, ‘Boardwalk’, ‘Hide’ holds a much moodier, heavy feel, guaranteed to stir the listener’s emotions.

“Moody was kind of the direction we were going in. We definitely have a darker edge to us that – because we’re so new, we haven’t really began to explore yet,” Liz explains.

Inspired by the sinister side of love and relationships, the girls were able to draw on some their own experiences, producing an evocative and haunting track.

“We latched on to this whole concept of the darker side of relationships and I think it came out through the music,” Liz says.

‘Hide’ is the perfect contrast to their debut single, executing a powerful song as opposed to what they’d done with ‘Boardwalk’, feeling that it was sweeter and more folk-y.

“We got our friend and producer Sam on board with us for ‘Hide’ and he did drums for it, which added to the depth of the song and gave it a real edge that we were looking for,” she says, “We were really thankful that we got him to help us flesh it out.”

Each member of Little May is influenced by a wide variety of musical greats from the likes of Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Simon & Garfunkel and a whole bunch of others.

“We have a range of different influences from everywhere, but ‘cos we’re only a year old we haven’t really been able to explore them too much yet in our music,” Liz explains.

The girls are about to embark on a tour of Eastern Australian, playing shows from Melbourne to Brisbane.

“We’re playing with a band, we’ve got a drummer and a bass guitarist behind us. We have all these songs on acoustic instruments that we haven’t fleshed out yet, so we are working on that right now,” she says.

For these girls, their main purpose is getting their music heard by whoever will enjoy it, refusing to get caught up in exclusivity.

“That should be the goal instead of limiting your audience and keeping it really exclusive. Its easy to get tied up in that as a musician, if you target one audience, you feel that it could give you some sort of credibility, but the main thing should be that you want everyone to hear it [the music].”

To check out Little May, get yourself some tickets to a show or check them out below;

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/littlemaymusic/hide-1



 Sat, 7th Dec– BRISBANE

@ Southside Tea Room
Tickets $5 available on the door

Sun, 15th Dec – MELBOURNE
The Workers Club
Tickets $10/$15 – www.theworkersclub.com.au

Thurs, 19th Dec – WOLLONGONG
Yours & Owls
Tickets $10/$15 – www.moshtix.com.au

Fri, 20th Dec– SYDNEY
Brighton Up Bar
Tickets $10/$15 – www.oztix.com.au

Sat, 21st Dec – SYDNEY
Brighton Up Bar
Ticket Tickets $10/$15 – www.oztix.com.au